Happy Holidays

I just learned that I have someone who is following my blog. This gives me a reason to write now.

I want to wish you a very happy Holiday.

My story starts when I was taking the subway in New York City.

The thing that made this time different than any other is that I had a seizure and fell on the subway track hitting my head. I suffered a traumatic brain injury, and went into a coma.

I remained commatose  for approximately seven months. The doctors decided that I would not recover, and moved me to hospice to make me comfortable until I passed away.

Then a miracle happened. I woke up. Fully aware of my surroundings, but unable to speak.

The doctors would ask me to blink once for yes and two for no.

Then they asked me if I wanted to live, and I responded yes.

The next move was to go to rehabilitation to begin to trip back to a normal life.

While in the coma my body contracted into a fetal position. But it stayed like that. My legs were no longer straight, so walking was impossible. The rehabilitation would have to help me regain my ability to speak, walk, and use my hands; since my arms and fingers were also contracted.

I woke up in May of 2012, and I have been working extremely hard in my therapies

Now I can speak again. And after several surgeries, I am learning to walk again.

I am learning so much about life through this. Like what really matters. I remember being in bed, unable to eat, move, or much else but listen and watch.

I will continue now, since someone might be reading. I have a lot to say about many things.

I hope you find it interesting.